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Vision Statement

We have a God given vision of growth for a growing community and a growing church. This growth will come by equipping all people to:


It is our desire that all people come to know Christ as their Savior and worship Him. We have a vision of services that are energetic in worship, and of sermons that are relevant to the lives of those attending.

GROW in relationships

We have a vision of a place where people come to know God and to be known by others. A vision of a church where people grow in relationships with others in small groups that center around fellowship and relationships, and where they will grow in their relationship with Christ through in depth Bible studies that challenge them to go deeper in their faith.

SERVE Others

We have a vision of Christians putting their faith into action, where people serve at the church, in the community, and around the world. It is a vision of a place that continues to support missionaries around the world, and that sends out missionaries to all corners of the world on short and long term mission work.

We have a vision of a place where people WORSHIP, GROW, and SERVE.